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Creating a Food Culture

food food culture Mar 28, 2023

Are you picky about the food you eat? 

Or do you just eat anything that is put in front of you? 

Do you select food that is fresh and flavorful? Food that makes your body feel good? 

Or do you go for immediate gratification? Salty, sweet, or crunchy?

Do you really taste the food you eat or are you just trying to fill your belly, or some other need?

These are not rhetorical questions. I'm sure you fall somewhere in-between. But reflecting on where you fall can give you greater awareness of it. 

I have this huge crush on French food culture. I just really love how they approach food, and I wish that we could create a similar culture here in the states. 

They really value fresh, wholesome food. They cook real meals with a beginning, middle, and end and sit down with their families to eat. They insist on real food in their daycares and schools. They pay attention to flavor and texture when planning their meals. They value top quality ingredients. And they really enjoy their food.

For the French, meals are an important part of the day, not just putting gas in the tank. 

In my own life I am trying to cultivate this same reverence for good food. I put loads of time and energy into growing and preserving my own fresh vegetables. I go out of my way to get fresh, raw milk from a farmer friend a few miles away. I spend time planning and cooking fresh food for the boys and me. I make all our own yogurt, tortillas, bread, bone broth, and more. I share...

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