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Gardening is more than just growing food...

It's a lifestyle

It's art, meditation, therapy, and exercise.

It's nurturing yourself, your family, friends, and the earth.

It's beauty, delight, and wonder.

It's power to provide your own basic sustenance

and freedom to control what goes into your body.


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"I never grew a vegetable before and now I have grown lots of different things to feed my family!! I donโ€™t have a large plot or a lot of time, but I have still made it work with the principles I learned from you. But way more than just growing food, my garden truly nourishes all of me and gives me wonderful moments of peace and feeling connected to the earth. "

Alexandra Foote-Jones

"Money was so tight when I signed up (for your course), but Iโ€™ve said at least a hundred times what a screaming deal it was for the return on value. Not only did I get great food for myself and to share, but I also still carry the joy of creating and bonding with the Earth and the empowerment that comes from planning and succeeding at a design."


"I've always had a small garden, but chronic pain has made it impossible to work and gardening became a necessity. I took the Green Thumb Gardening Course with Saskia and a whole new world of gardening opened up, getting even more in touch with a natural order of things. The last 10 years I have been able to grow enough food to feed me through the winter in a space of 400 square feet as well as share what is grown. "

Michael Allen

"The Green Thumb Gardening Course changed my life. I now teach gardening classes, have a day job helping people to build gardens, and spend every day I can in the garden. Taking your class has been one of the most impactful points of my life. I am forever grateful for meeting you and having you as my mentor and my friend. "

Alivia DeBusk
Adrift Gardens

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