Learn how to grow food using Permaculture principles for less work and more fun!


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Year Long Weekly Sessions

Start at any time and be guided through planning, planting, growing and harvesting during our weekly Zoom calls. Over the course of the year you will learn and practice the skills to have an abundant garden many years to come. 

Community of Learners

You don't have to do this alone! In our small group classes you will connect with and learn from others who are also growing their gardens. Stay connected between classes with our private Facebook group. 

Members Only Content

Access to the entire year's content when you sign up. There are many hours of demonstration videos plus written content, handouts, and resources for further learning. 

At the end of this course you will...

  1. Have a vision and plan for your dream garden- a garden that works for YOU.
  2. Know what, when, and how to start seeds inside.
  3. Make or renew productive, weedless garden beds using free materials.
  4. Reduce or eliminate digging, weeding, and watering.
  5. Bring your soil into balance to feed your plants and reduce pests and disease.
  6. Know how to integrate animals like chickens and ducks into your garden system.Ā 
  7. Make awesome compost.
  8. Troubleshoot problems.
  9. Increase your yield on existing garden space.
  10. Harvest earlier in the spring and later in the fall.
  11. Incorporate fruits, berries, and perennial vegetables.
  12. Have a beautiful organic lawn.
  13. Be saving your own seeds.
  14. Preserve your harvest by canning, fermenting, drying, freezing and cold storage so you can enjoy it year-round.
  15. Learn how to integrate your food stores into your cooking in the winter.
  16. Feel more connected to the earth, your food, yourself, the seasons, and your community.
  17. Relieve anxiety, stress, and depression.
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Monthly Payments


one year course

  • Weekly LIVE online sessions
  • Hours of online content and handouts
  • Community and Mentorship
  • Monthly payments to help with budgeting
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One Time Payment


one year course

  • Weekly LIVE online sessions
  • Hours of online content and handouts
  • Community and Mentorship
  • Save 13% by paying for entire year
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Online Garden Consultation


per hour

  • Advice on your garden plan
  • Tailored recommendations
  • Suggestions for next steps

This is a good option for people who need specfic, targeted help


A garden for everyoneĀ 

I believe everyone who wants to learn how to garden should be able to, regardless of financial situation. If you need a help paying for this course, please email me at [email protected] to get an applicationĀ for the Mama's Garden Scholarship Fund.Ā Priority is given to mothers with children at home.Ā 

Mama's Garden

Mama's Garden is a scholarship fund to help low-income mothers learn how to garden so they can feed their children healthy homegrown food, instill good eating and cooking habits, and teach their children how to garden. It is providing real relief for rising food costs and setting the next generation up for success. 

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What You Get

  • 48 modules with written and video content that you can access at anytime. Value: $1,200
  • 48 live online classes (and recordings) Value: $1,440
  • 17 Handouts you can print out. Value: $170
  • Personal mentorship and feedback on your garden Value: $2,000
  • Weekly emails to help keep you on track. Value: $1,000
  • Private Facebook group to connect with other students and questions anytime. Value: $1,600

Total Value: $7,410

Get the entire year for just $700!


Money was so tight when I signed up (for your course), but I’ve said at least a hundred times what a screaming deal it was for the return on value. Not only did I get great food for myself and to share, but I also still carry the joy of creating and bonding with the Earth and the empowerment that comes from planning and succeeding at a design.


I never grew a vegetable before and now I have grown lots of different things to feed my family!! I don’t have a large plot or a lot of time, but I have still made it work with the principles I learned from you. But way more than just growing food, my garden truly nourishes all of me and gives me wonderful moments of peace and feeling connected to the earth.


Your course saved my life. I've always had a small garden, but chronic pain has made it impossible to work and gardening has become a necessity. I took the Green Thumb Gardening Course with Saskia and a whole new world of gardening opened up, getting even more in touch with a natural order of things. The last 10 years I have been able to grow enough food to feed me through the winter in a space of 400 square feet as well as share what is grown.

Do you want to take this course WITH your children?

The Green Thumb Homeschool Version offers a unique opportunity to learn together. It's the same content as the adult class taught in a child-friendly way with plenty of time for questions and sharing. Perfect for any school-aged kids!

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