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Gardening for Change

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2022

I used to live on a sailboat in the Caribbean. 

It was a dream life... and yet I wasn't content. 

I couldn't just lay there on the deck, mending sail covers while the world and all the people in it are struggling.

I knew that I couldn't just exist... I needed to be an agent of change in this world. 

I've known this since I was in college studying Environmental Science. I could see clearly that the way humans were living on this earth was not sustainable and that there was a better way. 

And I've made it my mission to be that change that I envision. And to help others to see it too. 

I believe we can all be a part of this change. Everyone's path and passion and skills are different. 

How are you being the change in the world? How does your life align with your values? 

I have taken what I've learned and put it into my Green Thumb Course. I call it a gardening course, and we do learn gardening in it... but really it is so much more. 

it is about living a more regenerative life. 

  • growing food
  • regenerating the earth
  • nourishing our bodies
  • using less plastics
  • growing and using herbal medicines
  • cooking and preserving food
  • buying less
  • saving seeds
  • making your own cleaning products
  • recycling "wastes"

It's life changing.

These changes are not easy to make.

But step by step, week by week, I help you. 

And you are supported by a group of people also making these changes in their lives. 

Join us! It's fun, inspiring, and empowering!

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