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Do THIS before the new year to have your best year yet!

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2021

One of my favorite things about Permaculture is that it can be applied to any area of our life, including life in general. 

When I took my Permaculture Design Course in 2004, I didn't have any property to design, so I set about applying it to my life.

And what a difference it's made. 

Although my goals have shifted over time, permaculture has helped me to live my life with intention, passion, and purpose. 

My year-end process has been so valuable to me that I wanted to share it with you, so that you may also benefit from it! 


  1. Clear out some time for this process. If you only have 30 minutes, take it. But if you can give it a whole afternoon, even better. 
  2. Gather any planners, journals, calendars, photos, or other records of your past year. 
  3. Have a notebook, journal, or computer ready to capture your thoughts. 
  4. Get a cup of tea or water bottle. Put on some lovely music. Light a candle if you want. 

Year Review:

  1. Review your year month-by-month, noting your accomplishments, wins, and general feelings. Was this time colored by joy and peace or stress? 
  2. What is your daily and weekly rhythm? Does it feel balanced? On what things do you spend the majority of your time? How does it feel?
  3. What are your favorite parts of your day/ week/ month? The things that are working well that you really want to celebrate and preserve?
  4. What are the challenges that come up regularly? Maybe it's a certain time of day or a relationship with a certain person. 
  5. What are your least favorite times or chores? What work can you avoid doing? You can ask for help, set up your system differently, or just stop doing something. 

Review where you are trying to go:

  1. Revisit your life goal, or holistic goal. Does it still make you feel fired up and excited? Or does it need to be revised? Don't have a goal? Visit this blog post to learn about articulating your goals. 
  2. Tweak your goals until they feel super powerful to YOU.

Make a Plan

  1. As you have gone through this process, very likely, things have started to jump out at you. "Wow, I've totally been neglecting this certain area of my life." OR "I say I value music, but I never make time to practice it." Write all of these inspirations down. Listen to those gut feelings.
  2. Before you add something new, decide what you are going to cut out. Where is the time going to come from? Schedule it in. For example, "Every night after dinner I will get out my ukulele and practice at least 5 minutes." Be realistic!
  3. Talk with your partner or other members of your family and ask for help in getting what you need or want. For example, if you recognize that you need time to pursue your interests, ask your partner to take the kids on Saturday mornings so you can take my class and learn how to garden. Or talk to your kids about taking the garden class with you. (wink, wink!)
  4. Keep looking for win-win solutions - ways to re-arrange things that work well for everyone. And also, don't be afraid to disappoint others to get what you really need. You will be a better parent and partner if you are getting the time, space, and support you need. 
  5. Look for ways to reframe problems into opportunities. What is here for me? 
  6. Look for ways to make connections between seemingly different parts of your life. Work and family, chores and parenting. 
  7. Make the smallest changes that have the biggest effect. Slow and small solutions generally work better than huge, sweeping changes, especially when other people are involved. 
  8. Write down your plan and make time to review it weekly and monthly. Not everything will fall into place immediately, but over time you can bring your life into a better balance and alignment with what you want and what works for you. 

Be patient with yourself throughout this process. Beating yourself up will get you nowhere! Speak to yourself as you would your best friend. Take a break when necessary but come back to it. Don't abandon your plan! 

If growing your garden is a part of your plans for 2022, I invite you to join my Green Thumb Course. I will work with you through weekly online classes to help you grow more healthy, delicious food than you ever thought possible. 

It is a beautiful and nurturing community of beginner and advanced gardeners! 

Just click here for more information or to sign up. 

Best wishes for an abundant new year!


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